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Removing a Frivolous Contractor's Lien in Washington
You recently learned that a contractor recorded a lien claim on your property. However, the contractor never completed your remodel project or the work that was performed was done improperly. Read More...

Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Billing Act
Ever had a dispute with your credit card company? Has your credit card company ever failed to credit a payment to your account? Did you ever get charged for a service or product that you didn’t receive? If so, the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) applies to you. Read More...

Understanding the Importance of your Credit Score
Consumers today have become ever increasingly dependent on credit, yet many of us do not understand the importance of a credit score. Your car loan, mortgage, insurance premiums, utility services, and your ability to get or retain a job can all be dependent on your credit report and score. Read More...

Holding Officers, Directors and Shareholders Personally Liable for Corporate Debt
Clients often ask, "Why can't we sue and recover from the officers, directors executives or shareholders personally for the financial obligations of the defendant corporation?" Read More...

Insurance Subrogation
Many Washington consumers are unfamiliar with the term subrogation. Subrogation is the legal right a party has to pursue another party's right of recovery against a third party. Read More...

Vacating Default Judgments
You just learned that a default judgment was entered against you for thousands of dollars. You never even knew that a lawsuit had been filed against you. Can you do anything about it now? In Washington, the civil rules of legal procedure permit defendants to vacate judgments improperly entered against them, provided certain requirements have been met. Read More...

Tactical Strategies for Reconsideration and Vacation of Judgments
In the debt collection industry, default judgments are commonplace. Default judgments occur when a party fails to timely answer a complaint that has been served on them. In Washington, the response period is twenty calendar days (excluding the date of service) from the date of service. Read More...

How Do you Collect a Small Claims Court Judgment in Washington?
You recently won your lawsuit in Small Claims Court! Congratulations! Unfortunately, you realize that a month has now passed. Despite the judge ordering the other side to pay you money damages, you have recovered nothing from them. Read More...

Pursuing a Creditor's Claim Against the Probate Estate of a Deceased Washington Resident
You just learned of the death of someone who owed you an outstanding debt. You have heard that once a person dies, their unsecured debts are extinguished. Is this true? Can you still pursue your claim after their death? Read More...

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