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Insurance Subrogation

Insurance Subrogation

By Attorney Patrick C. Burpee

Many Washington consumers are unfamiliar with the term subrogation. Subrogation is the legal right a party has to pursue another party's right of recovery against a third party. Subrogation lawsuits are most often begun by insurance companies to impose financial responsibility for an automobile collision on a driver who, in all fairness, ought to bear it. For example, when an insurance company pays its insured's medical bills, wage claim or other expenses resulting from an automobile collision you caused, the insured driver might decide not to sue you. However, subrogation legally authorizes the insurance company, as the "subrogee", to file a lawsuit in the name of its insured driver, the "subrogor", which can force you, the wrongdoer, to bear the burden of the driver's losses. At The Law Office of Patrick C. Burpee, LLC, we assist insurance companies with subrogation claims against uninsured Washington drivers.

Ultimately, your Washington driver's license can be suspended if a judgment is entered against you by a Washington court for car accident damages and the judgment remains unpaid 30 days after the judgment was entered against you. After 30 days, the clerk of court or judge will complete and deliver to the Washington Department of Licensing an Abstract of Judgment for a Motor Vehicle Loss. The Abstract of Judgment for Motor Vehicle Loss informs the Department of Licensing of the status of the unpaid judgment resulting from the motor vehicle collision. Once the Department of Licensing receives the Abstract of Judgment for a Motor Vehicle Loss from the court indicating that a judgment remains unpaid, it will suspend the judgment debtor's license.

If you are pulled over by the police while driving with a suspended license, the consequences can be severe. Although technically a misdemeanor, driving on a suspended license for this type of offense carries a penalty of up to 90 days in jail and/or a $1,000.00 fine. Additionally, with minor exceptions, your license will remain suspended until the judgment is paid or the court approves a repayment plan.

In some cases, at The Law Office of Patrick C. Burpee, LLC, we can assist consumers in the reinstatement process of a Washington driver's license by negotiating a repayment plan and seeking an installment order from the court that entered the judgment. Contact our attorney if you need legal assistance in having your driver's license reinstated as a result of an unpaid judgment for automobile accident damages.

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