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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Relief

With the employment and economic downturn, many consumers are understandably feeling helpless. In 2010, the economy did not rebound, as many predicted. If you are unable to pay your credit card, medical, payday loans, and other bills due to the loss of a job, health condition or other circumstance, filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can provide you with a fresh start.

Filing the Chapter 7 Petition effectively ends creditor harassment.

Although it will take approximately 90 days for the bankruptcy court to formally discharge your unsecured debts, the collection calls, garnishment, and other debt recovery efforts will stop as soon as you file your bankruptcy petition.

Chapter 7 can free many consumers from unsecured debt incurred prior to filing.

Despite changes in the federal bankruptcy laws on October 17, 2005, bankruptcy is still available to help protect many consumers in financial need. Washington residents can find bankruptcy a helpful tool for getting their finances under control, as most unsecured debt will be eliminated.

Exemptions under the bankruptcy laws give Washington residents additional options during the bankruptcy process.

There are various exemptions available to Washington consumers. These exemptions often allow you to keep your car, furniture, clothing and even a small amount of cash. Up to $125,000 equity in your home can also be protected.

Our attorney typically charges a flat fee for filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. To discuss filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Washington, contact our attorney immediately.

The Law Office of Patrick C. Burpee, LLC is a federally designated debt relief agency. We assist consumers with filing for bankruptcy under the Federal Bankruptcy laws.

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