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Fair debt law is a field of law that encompasses many different types of cases, including unlawful debt collection practices from collection agencies, law firms, home contractors, and debt buyers, as well as false and derogatory credit reporting problems.

State and Federal Laws Protect Consumers

Consumers in the State of Washington are protected by a variety of state and federal laws; however, without legal representation, a consumer's rights will almost always go unnoticed by a court of law. After judgment has been entered against you, it can be costly having a judgment vacated and thereafter asserting the legal defenses and/or claims that previously should have been raised or brought against the other side. If you have been served with any legal papers, do not ignore them, especially a summons and complaint. In addition to preventing a default judgment from being entered against you, you may be entitled to recover your out-of-pocket losses, attorney fees, and in certain cases, punitive damages resulting from the type of collection action taken.

Advocating for Victims of Collection Abuse

The Law Office of Patrick C. Burpee, LLC regularly represents consumers who have been victimized by the unscrupulous and illegal collection efforts of in-state and out-of-state collection agencies and junk debt buyers. The Firm offers reasonable fees for collection defense cases, based on either time spent defending a consumer or an agreed percentage of any settlement funds recovered from the defendant depending on the facts of each particular case. In certain cases, the firm will agree to a contingency fee based on the amount of money it can save a consumer from a debt they allegedly owe.

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The Law Office of Patrick C. Burpee, LLC is a federally designated debt relief agency. We assist consumers with filing for bankruptcy under the Federal Bankruptcy laws.

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