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The Law Office of Patrick C. Burpee, LLC offers a sophisticated approach to fair debt collection. The Firm offers reasonable fees for debt collection services, based on either time spent on recovery efforts or an agreed percentage of the funds collected, for both consumer and commercial accounts.

In many cases, default judgments can be obtained against defendants. Other times debtors are convinced to prioritize our client's debt or resolve their outstanding accounts through successful fair debt collection recovery techniques. When debtors fail to respond to initial collection efforts, we can initiate suit, taking the necessary legal steps to collect, such as obtaining pre-judgment writs of attachment and garnishment for bank accounts and non-exempt personal property. We will also negotiate reasonable payment plans and forbearance agreements with debtors, based on our client's wishes.

Upon the issuance of a judgment from a court of law, writs of execution, writs of garnishment, supplemental examinations, and charging orders can be obtained and judgments can be recorded, domesticated, abstracted, and renewed, as necessary, to collect what is rightfully due you or your business.

We frequently serve out-of-state creditors with the domestication of judgments here in Washington, enabling you to collect from debtors in Washington even without a physical presence here.

Fair Debt and Consumer Collection Laws Compliant

We remain sensitive to the fact that many individuals and companies desire to continue business relationships with some customers presently in default status, and we will initiate debt collection action in a manner consistent with your operating philosophy. With an in-depth knowledge of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Washington Collection Agency Act, the Consumer Protection Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other debtor/creditor laws, we help minimize the creditor's exposure for violations of the Fair Debt Collection law while attempting to collect your debt as zealously as the law permits.

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